Artist – Ruth Rollin

Below is small selection of Ruth’s work! To view our full artist portfolios please visit our Facebook page You can view more of Ruths work on her Instagram @ruthredtattoo


My books are currently closed. I will be taking appointment ideas again for April to June 2017 from 1st march 2017.



I will start sending out appointment offers from 12th March 2017.


When you email please include the following points and send it to


  • Your idea
  • The placement on your body
  • A rough size (this is important so I can give you a price and to know how long to leave for the booking)
  • Any relevant reference
  • Preferred dates or day of the week.


I do only tattoo my own drawings so I will not give an appointment to people wanting me to tattoo other artist drawings. Feel free to send images things you like though to give me an idea of your taste.


If I have space to offer you an appointment this time you will need to have a deposit ready to PayPal in the week beginning 13th March.


If all the information isn’t included you may not receive a reply.


Keep an eye out for my reply from the 12th March.


I normally have more people on the list than appointments available. If that is the case I will choose my favourite ideas and the ideas I feel I can best work with. I will try to fit in as many as possible.


It isn’t possible for me to reply individually to everyone that doesn’t receive an appointment. If you don’t get an offer I will keep your email and contact you if on becomes available between April and June.


For July to September appointments please try again.


Thank you so much,

Ruth. X


For questions that need a quick reply please call our reception on 0113 2420413.


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2 thoughts on “Artist – Ruth Rollin

  1. Just looking through your work. Me and my friend were looking to come in for a consultation. Maybe Thursday 4.45 onwards. Would you want us to email our designs?


    1. Hi, Feel free to call in to chat about your tattoo’s but just letting you know that Ruths books are closed for new appointments at the moment but we can give you all the info you need to get on her waiting list when you come in 🙂

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