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Here at Red, we are home to five amazing artists who all cater to different styles ranging from Traditional to Dot work. Before contacting us it’s always a good idea to take a look at our artists work before hand so you can make sure you are happy with the artists style. To view our most recent work head over to our Instagram  . Here you will find examples of their work, available designs and shop updates. Links to our artists individual profiles can be found at the bottom of this page.

You are more than welcome to email or ring with any questions or queries.

The day of your appointment:

When you come for your appointment we will ask you to fill out a consent form & medical questionnaire. Your I.D. will be taken at this point and your passport or driving licence number will be written on the form. Please be aware that we cannot tattoo you regardless of age if you don’t bring your passport or driving licence with you. 

We guarantee that cleanliness and sterility is our main priority. We use sterile pre-packed disposable needles, all metal tubes (we also use disposable tubes which are put in our medical waste after each customer) and equipment is sterilised in an Autoclave which kills all bacteria and harmful organisms including Hepatitis and HIV. If you are worried or have any questions just ask at reception when you come in.

We also suggest bringing a sugary drink or snack with you when you get tattooed especially if you are in for a few hours. If you need a break at any point just let your artist know.


Your artist will fully explain how to take care of your new tattoo and give you an information sheet to take away with you but if you do have any worries, no matter how small you can call us on 0113 242 0413.


Ruth Rollin                                                                               

Instagram: @ruthredtattoo


Sam Ding

Instagram: @dingustattoos 


Ryan Woodrup

Instagram: @tatty.bry


Tim Needham

Instagram: @tim_needham_tattoo


Hannah Gerk

Instagram: @gerktattoos


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