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  1. I’ve had 4 piercings done at Red so far, they’ve all been great experiences (and in all honesty kind of put my other piercings done at other places to shame!) the staff are friendly and put me at ease when I’ve felt a little nervous. The jewelery is a little pricey but nothing out of the ordinary.
    My surface piercings have healed really well also, which is a rarety for surface piercers these days.

    I’ll definately be back for more(:

  2. I got my pin up girl and peacock tattoo today at Red. Very friendly staff, great looking studio and most importantly AMAZING work, 11/10, can’t wait to go back!

  3. I’ve had two piercings & one tattoo at red. All the staff are chilled & welcoming. I’ll be back in a month for another tattoo for sure! I’d recommend to anyone 🙂

  4. Had my tragus pierced here last week. Really friendly and welcoming staff, great shop. Hardly noticed her doing it – excellent job!! Hardly noticed her doing it :-). Would definitely recommend Red to anyone.

  5. had 3 surface piercings last week cannot put into words how impressed i am with Ruth & all her staff , quick easy & virtually painless. Many thanks will definitely be back , i recommend them to you all

  6. Had my nose re-pierced here the other day – such a lovely little space with plenty of inspiration, ran by friendly and professional staff at reasonable prices. Will definitely go here again for piercings/tattoos and would recommend it to anyone in the Leeds area. A very satisfied customer!

  7. I recently had my belly button pierced and i couldn’t say a bad word about my initial experience! The shop is lovely and very clean, but decorated beautifully aswell. This was my first piercing other than my ears so i was unsure what to expect from a needle although the lady was extremely nice but not too patronizing! She talked me through each step and was very clean and quick, she advised me to close my eyes to avoid going dizzy and gave me very clear instructions about after care in addition to a leaflet to keep. Very impressed, my piercing is gorgeous and i would defiantly go back!!

  8. Ive had all my piercings and tattoos done with you, I’d never go anywhere else! I’m just planning my next tattoo, so will be coming to see you all in a few weeks! Yaaaay.

  9. I recently had a tattoo done here by Lucy, all staff were great, really friendly , helpful and extremely professional, whilst waiting for my tattoo other clients entering the shop were greeted in a very friendly manner and staff were always available to give advice to these people. The lady piercing on that day was very busy but no matter how busy she was she kept a smile on her face. In the 5 hours I had the priviledge of being at this establishment I noticed a really cohesive team, with some banter and lightheartedness which put me at my ease and those other people entering the shop. I would definitely reccomend these guys for their professional work and enthusiasm, the shop is a clean and happy environment, and the artists and body piercers do a fantastic job! Well done guys and in the words of Arnie “I’ll be back”!!! Thank you !!!

  10. ***** Had two piercings done here now, by Ruth, and I just want to extend my compliments to both her professionalism and workmanship. That being said, all of the staff at Red are very knowledgeable and very friendly, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Will definitely get all of my piercings done here in future.

  11. Had most of my piercings done at red, extremely friendly atmosphere, extremely helpful and offer great reassurance. Definitely going back for more piercings and ill be getting tattoos there when im old enough:)

  12. I had a pinna piercing today at the studio. Quick but impressive work. I had a friendly piercer who was very reassuring and professional. It’s nice to have work done by people who are passionate about piercings:D Soon as my piercing heals I plan to have more done at the studio. Keep up with the good work! Highly recommended! x

  13. Went to Red today for a cover up tattoo I booked a few weeks ago was there about 2 hours with my friend and really enjoyed it! Lucy was brilliant and everyone else was so nice too really made us welcome and were really easy to talk to all the time we were there! I’ve had a couple of tattoos but this was my first at Red and I would never go anywhere else and would totally recommend them to anyone! Lucy had my design ready when i got there and I was really impressed with it and couldnt wait to see it finished! I couldnt be more pleased with the finished result its perfect! Once again thanks everyone! I’m already looking into a swollow design for my foot!

  14. Had my first ever tattoo done by Ruth and couldn’t be more impressed with her 🙂 She was really easy to talk to, put me at ease and the finished result is just amazing. The whole experience was better than I initially expected (due to nerves!). I have already recommended her to a friend and wouldn’t hesitate to come back. Thanks all at Red Tattoo and see you again some time in the future 😉

  15. I got my nose pierced at red a few weeks ago. The staff are really nice and helpful and I was given a sheet explaining all of the aftercare etc, The procedure was over quickly and I was in the shop ten minutes tops, yet I still had all of the information needed to make sure that my piercing healed well. All in all it was a great experience and I will return in the future for piercings and maybe even a tattoo.

  16. I’ve had my nose pierced today at Red. I was contemplating at first whether to get this done as I thought of the after pain, swelling of nose etc. I’m really impressed with this place the first couple of minutes I felt a stinging pain then I was absolutely fine. The staff member was very kind and explained the after care procedures. I’m so happy I can’t stop looking in the mirror, a very happy customer thank you.

  17. I had a piercing here today and, despite being very nervous when I first walked in, the relaxed and easy nature of the staff put me at ease. They’re friendly, professional and honest. I received an information sheet on the aftercare specific to that piercing as well as having it reiterated to be by well informed staff. I’d recommend this place to anyone in the area and wouldn’t hesitate to go back again for any further piercings 🙂

  18. Absolutely amazing place and highly recommend to anyone looking for a piercing or tattoo. Went to get my industrial done 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Staff are amazing, friendly and always happy to help. I was a bit worried about it healing so popped into the shop and lady was really lovely and very helpful, they also gave me a detailed aftercare sheet. Highly highly recommend and will definitely be going back in the near future

  19. Had a heart orbital piercing here today and it was a great experience. The staff were really nice and friendly and informative (about after care etc). Would really recommend this place and I’m thinking f coming back for more piercings.

  20. I had 5 ear piercings done here. I was very nervous because 3 of them were in my ear cartilage that I’d never had pierced before. The staff were all very welcoming and the staff member that did my ears was brilliant; he explained what he was doing as he did it and answered any questions I had. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a piercing and I am hoping to have a tattoo done here too in the future.

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