2018 Guest Artists!

Jack Sones

 GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT  On Thursday 22nd till Saturday 24th February 2018 we will have @jacksonestattoo visiting us. Contact him directly for bookings 😘 #redtattooandpiercing #redtattooleeds#leedscornexchange #leedstattoo

Jessi James

🖤 GUEST ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT🖤 UPDATE. ( I made a mistake with the dates on the last post, sorry!) On Tuesday 6th till Thursday 8th March 2018 we have the incredible @jessijamestattoo with us again 🖤Contact her directly for bookings 🖤 #redtattooandpiercing#redtattooleeds #leedscornexchange #leedstattoo @ Red Tattoo & Piercing

Laura Swift & Alastair Barnett

On Thursday 5th and Friday 6th April we have our friends @alastairbarnett_tattooer & @lauraannswift visiting. To see more of their work and booking info head over to their Instagram accounts! xxx

Laura Swift

Alastair Barnett

Rachael Rose

On Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May we have the lovely Rachael Rose visiting us for a couple of days. For booking info and to check out more of Rachael’s work head over to her Instagram www.instagram.com/rachaelrosetattoo 

Don’t miss out! ❤

We have the lovely Paula Castle with us again on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th July! For bookings and to see more of Paula’s work head over to her Instagram @paulacastletattoos ❤



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