Our Lucy has had a busy weekend and start of the week! Here’s a few that she’s done. For appointments and enquiries please email lucyanneoconnell@hotmail.co.uk! Thanks 🙂


1422405_10154020494165212_2419288109560819048_n 1480659_10154024164140212_8864720811085155648_n 1538755_10154042882920212_3915639530873656493_n 10006910_10154027910820212_5741716796573622524_n 10151265_10154024157030212_6194563704617420888_n 10153921_10154031396335212_1817205180894125578_n 10172677_10154025085140212_5207727333047700169_n 10176232_10154024161255212_2117852549544493198_n 10177458_10154027907965212_7750682559611418221_n 10178041_10154031125870212_5137703135698470605_n 10255764_10154043508955212_3606273416026066120_n

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