Friday 13th!

13 Nov

Ben and Sarah have space for walkins today! Designs from their own flash are available and priced at £31-£62. Please bring some ID with you and spaces will be on a first come first serve basis. Thanks! x12016461_10156161248125517_376265709_n

Guest News

30 Oct

Here you can find a list of all the wonderful guest artists we have coming to visit us! You can also find their contact details and examples of their work.

Charlotte Ross


On the 26th-27th November we have the lovely Charlotte Ross visiting us again! You can view more of Charlotte’s work on her instagram page @charlotteross_tattoos!


                      Nick Imms


Nick Imms Will be spending some time with us on February 4th until February 6th 2016! For bookings please email him directly on!

To view more of Nicks work follow him on isntagram! @littlenicktattoo x

             Paula Castle 


Paula Castle is visiting us on Thursday 11th February until Saturday 13th February 2016! For bookings please email Paula on <3

To see more of Paulas work please visit her instagram @paulacastletattoos xxx

Jessi James 


Jessi James is also visiting us on Thursday 11th February until Saturday 13th February 2016. To book please email Jessie directly on! x

@jessijamestattoo <3

Jessie Foakes


Jessie Foakes will be in the studio on  Wednesday 2nd March until Thursday 3rd March 2016. Email her directly for bookings <3 x


Paul Terry


We will have Paul Terry with us on Thursday 17th March until Saturday 19th March 2016.

To see more of his work just go to his instagram @pau1terry_ xx

  Holly Ashby 


Holly Ashby is guesting with us onFriday 1st April until Saturday 2nd April 2016!

Please go to @hollyjadeashbytattoo for booking info and to see more of Holly’s work <3 x

Halloween Flash Day!

29 Oct


On Saturday 31st October we will be having a spooky Halloween flash day!

Ben will be doing Simpsons tattoos and Sarah has some Halloween flash all ready to go!

If you would like to get tattooed by Ben please come into the shop on Saturday as all his designs will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Prices from £40-£60.Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook for pictures of the designs.

Sarah has the above designs available for booking. If you would like to book a Halloween kitty or a filler please email with size and placement :)

If you have any more questions just call us on 01132420413! Thanks!

Unite Barnsley Community Support Centre ESOL Fundraiser Day!

28 Sep

On Sunday 27th September we had a fundraiser day to raise money for Unite Barnsley Community Support Centre and The British Red Cross so they can carry on running their amazing weekley ESOL Classes. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages ) classes help refugees learn basic english so they can access health care, buy food and socialise within their communitys and much much more!

We managed to raise a staggering £2160 on the day so a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came down and got tattooed, pierced and bought cake!

£1500 will go straight to Unite and the rest will be sent to Calais to help the refugees there.

Thanks aswell to everyone who helped out on the day and our friends at House of Theives, Painted Lady and Mad Elizabeth for the kind donations ♥

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Fundraiser * Sunday 27th September *

25 Sep

This Sunday is our fundraiser! Above is just some of the artwork and tattoos you will be able to purchase on the day!

Thank you to everyone who has donated items so far to sell on the day!

Links to their instagrams below!

All our artists will be doing walk-ups and flash on the day so make sure you keep an eye on the shops Facebook for updates :)

( Please note Ruth is now fully booked :) )

Our piercers Danielle and Russell will be piercing allllll day as well and no need to book an apportionment just come straight in when you are ready.

Thank you! xx

Leeds College of Music Freshers

18 Sep

The first of our Freshers stalls is today! We will be at Leeds College of Music 12 until 3pm. We have these bags to give away and they are full of free bits and bobs and if you come into the shop with your tote bag you will receive 25% off all piercings until January 2016!12011367_1685047548431228_9089919892643773959_n

Happy days! x

Red Tattoo and Piercing Fundraising Day for ESOL *Sunday 27th September*

14 Sep

On Sunday 27th September we will be having a fundraising day for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).  ESOL is run by Unite Barnsley Community Support Centre and Unite Community Branch alongside the British Red Cross as weekly drop in sessions to help refugees and Asylum Seekers learn English. In order to deliver the course they rely on donations to pay for Unite Community membership (£26 per year) and room hire costs. We hope to raise £1000+ for Unite so they can carry on running these wonderful classes!

Below is some more info about Unite Barnsley’s ESOL Sessions and it contains a very moving story from Linda,who runs the sessions.

“We started the sessions at the end of June and have 15 people every week and some days have had to turn people away as physically haven’t got the room to accommodate.

The students are from mainly from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran and the Congo. These people have all had difficult journeys in getting to Barnsley, but one couple really ‘got to me’. An elderly couple, a 71 year old Geography Professor and his Physics Lecturer wife in her 60’s from Syria. Talking to them after the class they told me how they had literally fled for their lives after seeing friends beheaded, their home and community burnt to the ground.  I am not one normally lost for words but all I could do was give her a big hug. I cannot imagine my parents going through the same thing at a stage in their lives when they should be enjoying retirement and family.

With regards to the ESOL Project in Barnsley, Barnsley is  one of the designated towns that the Home Office disperse Asylum Seekers and Refugees to whilst there applications are being processed. They are given a meagre allowance of £36.95 a week to buy food and toiletries, if refused asylum this goes down to £35.39.

Refugees are unable to access ESOL at the local College until they have 6 month’s residency and the course costs £ 250. As this group are only given short term residency at a designated accommodation this is not suitable or practical. The sessions that Unite are facilitating are based on everyday situations, i.e. registering with a doctor; making appointments etc., which hopefully give them a base so that even they attend just one session they will hopefully gain a little knowledge. Several of the cohort are also through Unite Community membership accessing Free I.T. courses at the Barnsley C.S.C. Their membership is sponsored via donations from Union Branches in the area.

On the day we will have tattoo walk-ins and piercings all day as well as prints from various artists and a bake sale! Our fundraiser will start at 9.30 am and all tattoos will be done on a first come first serve basis so the earlier you come in the better!

We are also setting up a donation point in the shop for people to drop off clothing and other items to be sent to Calais!

Here is a list from NO BORDERS LEEDS of everything that is needed!

Please only collect wishlist items:

*Strong plastic sheets/tarps/pallets/canvas/building materials for strong shelters (if you come with a van, many places to pick up free pallets and buy materials in Calais)
*Sleeping bags & roll mats
*Non-perishable food, flour & oil
*Containers/Jerrycan for food and water
*Shoes (practical waterproof hiking boots best, size 42 most needed)

You can bring your donations to the shop during opening hours!

Monday to Friday 10 am until 6 pm

Sunday 11 am until 4 pm

PLEASE ONLY DONATE ITEMS FROM THE LIST OF THINGS NEEDED! We will start collecting from Friday 11th September.

More info on Learning with Unite can be found here :

and another link to an award that the programme has won:

Information on more ways you can help refugees in Leeds follow the link below :

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